Cricket Books (featuring comedy)

Books about cricket (the sport, not the insect). To minimise boredom, I add comedic elements to them. I have an entire online presence (liebcricket) with a website and Twitter account devoted to my thoughts on cricket. Check those out if that's your thing.

The 100 Funniest Moments in Australian Cricket

Dan Liebke's Wasted Review of Cricket

Dan Liebke's Wasted Review of Cricket

The 10 Greatest World Cup Wins in Australian Cricket

Dan Liebke's Wasted Review of Cricket

50 Great Moments in Australian Cricket

The 50 Greatest Australian Cricketers
(of the past 50 years)

The 50 Greatest Matches in Australian Cricket
(of the past 50 years)

Comedy Books (featuring cricket)

A more subtle variation. These are comedy books that just happen to be filtered through cricket.

(more than just a laboriously-forced reverse-engineered acronym)

The Instant Cricket Library
(an imagined anthology)

Who's Who In Australian Cricket
(Imaginary Players Edition, A-E)

Comedy Books (99% cricket-free)

If you prefer your comedy to have no cricket whatsoever, then these are the books for you.

And Justice League Comics For All

To Me, My X-Men Comics

A Little Known Fact I Just Made Up

Breakdancing With Hollywood

Kitty Wittgenstein and the Academy Award-Winning Werewolves